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Black set with flowers
Black set with flowers
Moda made in Italy
Black set with flowers

A black set with colorful flowers, consisting of a jacket and shorts, is a dynamic and bold styling that combines a classic base in the form of black with a joyful and energetic floral motif. Such a set perfectly expresses the creativity, spontaneity and self-confidence of the person who wears it.

The black blazer is elegant and timeless, it is a solid base for this set. Its classic cut and cut give you confidence, while the colorful flowers printed on the fabric add a unique touch. The floral patterns are in different colors, which adds vitality and unique character to the jacket.

Colorful flowers on the black background of the shorts are a striking and exciting contrast. Shorts can have different cuts - from loose and comfortable to more fitted and elegant. The floral motif makes the shorts take on a joyful atmosphere, perfect for going out, parties or meetings with friends.

Such a set will be perfect for more casual and informal occasions, such as parties, festivals, a walk in the city or social meetings. However, thanks to the black base, the whole still maintains a certain degree of elegance. Colorful flowers bring a bit of fun and creativity to the styling, which allows you to express your personality and positive mood.


To sum up, the colorful floral set consisting of a jacket and shorts is a unique styling that combines elegance with the joy and vibrancy of floral patterns. It's the perfect way to express your individuality and enjoy fashion.

One size from 36 to 42

95% polyester 5% elastane

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